Raphaël Millière

Raphaël Millière

Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience

Center for Science and Society

Columbia University

I am a Robert A. Burt Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience at Columbia University. I previously completed my DPhil (PhD) in philosophy at the University of Oxford in 2020.

My philosophical interests lie mainly within the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of cognitive science. My current research project investigates the relationship between self-representation and the spatial content of visual perception, both from a theoretical standpoint and through experimental research using virtual reality.

My doctoral research focused on the notion of self-consciousness. In my dissertation, I defended a pluralist account of self-consciousness, according to which there are several ways in which one can be conscious of oneself as oneself.

I am also interested in issues related to the capacities of deep artificial neural networks; the conceptualization and taxonomy of global states of consciousness, such as post-comatose disorders of consciousness and drug-induced states; and methodological issues regarding the use of first-person reports in cognitive neuroscience.

Journal articles

(2020). The varieties of selflessness. Philosophy and the Mind Sciences, 1(I), 8.

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(2019). Neural correlates of the DMT experience assessed with multivariate EEG. Scientific Reports, 9(16324).

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(2019). Are There Degrees of Self-Consciousness?. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 26(3-4).

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(2018). Psychedelics, Meditation and Self-Consciousness. Frontiers in Psychology, 9(1475).

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Book chapters

(2016). Ingarden's Combinatorial Analysis of The Realism-Idealism Controversy. Form(s) and Modes of Being: The Ontology of Roman Ingarden.

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Philosophy and the Mind Sciences

Inaugural special issue on radical disruptions of self-consciousness. Philosophy and the Mind Sciences is a new open access journal without publication or reading fees, dedicated to research at the crossroads between philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

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