I am a second-year D.Phil (PhD) student in philosophy at the University of Oxford and an Ertegun Scholar, working under the supervision of Martin Davies. I am also affiliated to the Center for Subjectivity Research of the University of Copenhagen, as part of an external co-supervision agreement with Dan Zahavi. Additionally, I am a research member and coordinator of ALIUS, an interdisciplinary research group on altered states of consciousness. I am organising an interdisciplinary conference in Oxford in May 2017 on The Sense of Self.

My philosophical interests lie mainly within philosophy of mind, cognitive science, phenomenology and philosophy of perception. My DPhil thesis investigates the notion of sense of self. I disambiguate the claim that any phenomenally conscious experience has a subjective character (sometimes called 'for-me-ness’), and challenge the resulting versions of the claim through the study of a variety of empirical cases. For more information on my research project, see the page concerning my DPhil

In recent works, I have also focused on other topics such as the distinction between illusions and hallucinations, the philosophical significance of autoscopy and full-body illusions, the epistemology of metaphysical realism, and the conceivability principle in the epistemology of modalities. I also have an interest in the history of philosophy, having talked or written recently about George Berkeley, F.H. Bradley and the Polish phenomenologist Roman Ingarden. For more information, see the page concerning my publications and work in progress.